Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Matze exklusiv: Interview mit WWE Diva Charlotte

Interview mit WWE Diva Charlotte 

WWE Diva Charlotte and I

Während des letzten Tour der WWE durch Deutschland hatte ich die Möglichkeit, exklusiv ein Interview mit der aktuellen  WWE DIVAS Titelträgerin Charlotte zu führen. Charlotte wird ihren Titel heute Nacht bei der größten Wrestling Veranstaltung – WRESTLEMANIA 32 – gegen gleich 2 Herausforderer verteidigen müssen.

Mathias: Hi Charlotte and welcome to Germany. This is not your first visit to Germany. You were here before for example in Leipzig last year. What do you think about Germany and the German fans?

Charlotte: As you know, we are travelling a lot - almost to a new city every day. The German fans are so amazing and passionate in the crowd and outside the arenas. I really like that. We are here to entertain them and they like what we do every single day.

Mathias: You are an original NXT wrestler. You took the next step into the WWE main roster last year. What´s the big difference for you between NXT and WWE personally?

Charlotte: We recorded TV shows in NXT every 4 weeks. So that’s a huge difference to the WWE because I´m on TV every week now. There is a lot more traveling too. And a lot of new opponents and woman I never worked with as Alicia Fox and the Bellas. I never worked with PAIGE even we both were in NXT. But Paige was already on her way to become a WWE diva as I debut in NXT. 

Mathias: Speaking of NXT divas. Is there any current NXT diva you would bring to the WWE main roster to push the Woman’s Division even more?

Charlotte: I know that Bailey and I will have a great splash in WWE soon.

Mathias: Your thoughts about the retirement of Daniel Bryan.

Charlotte: He was a true pioneer and in a league of his own. And it´s so hard to see someone who is so passionate leaving so early. He was wrestling for 16 years but I´m sure it´s only the beginning for a new journey in his life.  

Mathias: WrestleMania 32 is just around the corner. It will be your 1st WrestleMania. Your thoughts about your first appearance at the Grand Stage in front of 110.000 fans? 

Charlotte: I already get goosebumps just thinking about it. It’s a huge honor to be part of the biggest wrestling event of the year. And I´m really looking forward to it. And I´ll do my best and with a lot of FLAIR.

Thanks for the interview and good luck tonight in Magdeburg and at WrestleMania. 

Text and pic (c) by Mathias Klimt